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Aromatherapy supplies, doTERRA Essential Oils &                         Other Natural Health Supplies    
WE HAVE doTERRA "On Guard" to help you fight off viruses!
St. George Nano Silver in stock.
Strengthen your Immune system!
Come in and see how we can help.
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                       Getting Well-Staying Well
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583 S Main Suite 5
Cedar City, UT  84720

(Behind Pizza Hut)
Tel: 435-592-5308

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Mon-Fri 12-6

Saturday 10-6


Available now! The Lifewave X39 patch activates and mobilizes the body's stem cells, which can help support the natural wound healing process and immune function elevate antioxidants, manage inflammation, stimulate the production of collagen... and more!


We are open, for now, during the Covid-19 crisis.

Please, call ahead if you're are ill.

We can take payments over the phone and give you curbside pickup.


We have products and services for your wellness.

Check out our Class Schedule 

Come in and meet our friendly, educated staff.

Our products are researched for purity and quality. All are top of the line.

Products such as:

  • doTERRA Essential Oils: from Arborvitae to Zendocrine

  • doTERRA Spa Products

  • St. George Nano Silver NEW!

  • Dr. Christopher's supplements

  • Diffusers

  • Spray bottles, roller bottles, and more!

  • Essential Oil bags and boxes

  • Locally made : tablet presses, tinctures, and soap.

  • Local honey, harvested here in Cedar City, UT.

  • Locally made crafts & Art

  • Classes on Getting well & Staying Well

  • dc Labs Products: C-Crystals, B-Complex, Chlorophyll, Methyl cobalamin (b-12).


  • Reflexology

  • Aroma Touch

  • Endocrine Wrap

  • Foot and Hand Spa


  • Body Systems

  • Right Brain Thinking

  • Herbs and Their Uses

  • Essential Oils and how to use them

  • Handwriting analysis

  • And many more, please see our schedule for details

doTERRA Single oils:

  • Lavender Oil, 15ml, $28

  • Lemon Oil, 15ml, $13.50

  • Peppermint Oil, 15ml, $28

  • Frankincense Oil, 15ml $93

  • Patchouli Oil, 15ml, $40

  • Oregano Oil. 15ml, $ 32 

doTERRA Blends:

  • On Guard, 15ml, $43

  • Breathe, 15ml, $27

  • Balance, 15ml, $ 27

  • Serenity, 15ml, $ 40

doTERRA Spa: Shampoo and conditioner, Verage, Immortelle, and EOSPA 

And many more!

Click on the PDF for info on why there is a difference between doTERRA and cheap Essential Oils like Revive. 

No membership required!
doTERRA Advocates are welcome. When you've run out of your favorite oil and can't wait, we can help.
Not a doTERRA Advocate but you want to be? We can help you with that!
Not sure what makes doTERRA great? Come in and we'll show you.
You don't have to be interested in doTERRA to shop here, we'd love to see you!
Let us help you help yourself!

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