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Sheila Summerhays

BA SE, Arizona State University,1971                                                      Muscle Testing 1999

M Ed, University of Nebraska, 1981                                                        Breaking Barriers 2001

Neurotherapy Certificate, N.A.I.N.T.,1998                                              Chinese Analysis 2001

Clinical Hypnotherapy Certificate, 1998                                                 Energy Balancing 2001

Master of Herbology, 1999                                                                       Soft Touch Massage 2001

Natural Healing Consultant 2003                                                            Reflexology 2002

                                                                                                                       Iridology 2004

                                                                                                                      Aroma Touch 2012

                                                                                                                      Holistic Health Coach 2013


Sheila Summerhays earned a Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education from Arizona State University. She earned a Master's degree in Education. After several years of teaching and a few years in real estate, she changed to the natural healing field. She earned a Neurotherapy certificate, along with a Clinical Hypnotherapist designation, both from Washington State. She was also certified as a counselor at that time.

In 1999 she earned a Master's of Herbology from the School of Natural Healing in Utah. She earned Natural Healing Certificate. In addition to several certificates and seminars, she earned a Holistic Health Coach Certification. 

She is a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA Essential Oils and owns The Wellness Place in Cedar City, Utah.

Kathaleen Pipkin

B.S. Degree Psychology, Child Development

Baby Watch diploma

Wellness Advocate

Reflexology 2018

Kathleen has a BS degree in Psychology and a minor in child delevopment from Southern Utah University. She taught high school for 2 years and then fourth grade 4 1/2 years. She also taught a class at Barlow University. Kathaleen earned a diploma for Baby Watch which includes early childhood development and interventions. She worked for The Learning Center for Families as a learning consultant for 5 years. She is a certified Reflexologist and has worked on hundreds of feet. Her continuing education has brought a vast knowledge of alternative medicine including essential oils and herbs.

Kathaleen currantly is the manager of The Wellness Place in Cedar City, Utah. She also has worked at a middle school for 2 years with special needs children in 6th and 7th grades here in Cedar City.

She also worked with elementary and middle school age special needs children in Arizona to learn to control anger, read, count, and take care of their personal hygenie. she has spent many hours in co-visits with speech therapists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists. Kathaleen is a people person who loves tof help. She has developed and taught many classes on health and essential oils for The Wellness Place. 

Gerald Pipkin

B.S. Degree Business Education

Certificate Family Herbalist

Gerald was our Family Herbalist until he passed away February 12, 2019. He wrote a book called "The Gathering of Herbs".  He took Dr. Christopher's Herbalist Class and has studied herbs for over 30 years. We miss his knowledge and his sense of humor. His sense of humor was healing in and of itself and is prevalent in his short stories and poetry. 

He had a Degree in Business Education and taught high school Business classes. He was a very helpful and supportive member of our team. Gerald owned many books on herbs, healing, diet and other types of alternative medicine. His son Donald is taking on some of his father's work's here at the store.

Gerald had a long battle with congestive heart failure and asthma which began with rheumatic fever when he was young. He also had diabetes inherited from his mother and a bad diet into his 40's. When he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure he was able to manage it through diet, herbs, and essential oils, living many years longer than expected. We continue to miss him and plan to continue his drive toward better health and healing. He was the original creator of this website.

Donald Pipkin

Donald is our Herbal advisor. He has studied herbs and gone on herb walks with a Native American shaman. He has studied essential oils. He has studied and used permaculture for growing gardens. He has worked as our store researcher and computer tech. He is great at keeping opinions out and fact in so that we can serve people with honesty and wisdom. Donald has studied many books and has learned from talking to herbalists and natural healers. He is essential to our team to keep us informed with new ideas and information. He will be taking on some of his father, Gerald's, duties at the store as well. Donald's goal is to make his part of the world a healthy and healing place.

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