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What Essential Oil Should you use? Frankincense

I personally use Frankincense. Frankincense has many benefits: digestive, immune, skin, focus, prayer and meditation, emotions, tooth care, and it has many other benefits. so, when in doubt use a certified pure therapeutic grade Frankincense. A few drops in a bath to relax and aide sleep and healing. Defuse to aide in a positive calm atmosphere at home and office. Take two or three drops on your thumb and push into the top of your mouth or take a few drops in a gel cap for internal wellbeing and digestion. Use topically to reduce scars, skin spots and wrinkles.

My favorite Frankincense (doTERRA) is worth the price. It is potent, pure and lifts me up spiritually. I put a few drops on my temples and forehead which immediately lifts my spirits. This oil is Holy to me. It dates back to ancient times for its spiritual and health benefits.

doTERRA Frankincense is steam distilled from the resin off boswellia certerii,sacra, papyrifera and frereana trees. It is harvested in a precise way at the time of highest potency for the best oil. That's my Oil!

By Kathaleen Pipkin

For More Information on YouTube: doTERRA Frankincense Oil: Co-impact Sourcing, Ask Dr. Hill Frankincense, Uses and Benefits of Frankincense Dr. Josh Axe.

(These videos are only suggestions and are not promoting The Wellness Place. They are only to help you understand Frankincense better.)


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