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When My Neck Stops Me From Doing What I Want...

Updated: Jan 5

My name is Kathaleen. When my neck stops me from doing what I want, I rub doTERRA's Deep Blue Rub on. It's soothing warmth and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils helps me continue typing, driving, or what ever else I'm doing. I would recommend trying this product.

email: or text 435-691-2379 and ask me for more informa

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I would like to invite you to try Deep Blue Rub for free. Email me at if you are interested. I need your name and address to send it to you.

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If my head discomfort is caused from tension I use Clary Calm. It comes in a roller bottle so you can apply it easily. Just apply it to the back of the neck. doTERRA's Certified Pure Theraputic Grade