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Reflexology-$35 +tax

A technique that targets certain complaints and "finds" areas of concern in the body.

Zendocrine Wrap-$30 +tax

A technique using eight different essential oils on the lower legs. The legs are then wrapped overnight. This assists the body to detox and drain excess water from the legs and feet.

Foot and Hand Spa- Foot $30-Hand $10

These relieve stress and the body to relax and heal. This is done with tender loving care. Essential oils are applied that target individual body concerns and assists to heal. 


Body Systems

Evaluates your body's needs and helps you decide what you can do to help yourself. The instructor of this very beneficial class  is educated in Child Development and has worked for many years with special needs children, giving her the opportunity to learn about all of the physical and emotional needs of people.

Right Brain Thinking

Gives you valuable information about using the right brain and the left brain together to:  Accomplish goals, overcome addictions, think positively, overcome guilt, fear,and anger with affirmations and other techniques. The instructor is certified in many areas, giving her the expertise to assist others to understand this wonderful and very useful knowledge. 



“The Hand Massage 'helped me feel better and it felt so good.”

Mary H.

"I use essential oils everyday. I really Love Copaiba used with other oils, it seems to make them work even better."

Carrie B.

Herbs and Their Uses

Learn about individual herbs and their uses. The instructor is a certified Herbalist  and has written a book about herbs. He has a special interest in particular body systems.



Initial Consultation: 

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